Sunday, December 16, 2012

You get what you give!

     This statement couldn't be truer in all aspect if life. In work, family, friends, and health. This is why you should never give it anything but your all. Push through any troubles you are having, knock down your fears and walls. You create your lifestyle and decide your fate. For example, Bikram Yoga burns 1000 calories approx a session, but that doesn't mean you show up, attempt the moves and leave 1000 calories less, you need to TRY or really DO the moves. When you are lifting weights or running you need to think of the goals and match the desire for the end result with power for doing to activity.

     Also never forget that when it comes to health, fitness, dieting or a generally active lifestyle, you need to want it for more than superficial reasons. Do it for you, your body and your mind. Only then will you really find the motivation and passion for sticking with it. It's a lifestyle not a seasonal change. You get what you put into it. Whether we are talking about doing the moves or making it a lifestyle that statement holds true. So give it all you have emotionally, physically and mentally. It will pay off.

Jessi Harm

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