Friday, March 8, 2013

"The Honest Life" by Jessica Alba review.

     I am so excited to do this review for you. I have done several books and DVD reviews, but this one I am most excited about because it’s a product that promotes something I believe in. The book is beautiful. There are several lovely colored family photos, beautiful text, and graphic designs. The book is 250 pages long and as graceful as its writer.

Here is my review of the book. At the bottom are links to where you can by the book, as well as Jessica Alba's company web page and more.

     "In The honest Life, actress, activist, and entrepreneur Jessica Alba inspires readers to make affordable healthy, nontoxic choices for themselves and their family- from the food they eat to the products they put on their skin, and the materials they use in their home- without sacrificing style."

     "The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True To You" by Jessica Alba is an extremely informative collection of tips, tricks, facts and life lessons. She promotes the idea of living a healthy and natural lifestyle, without feeling like a lecture. She brings her own past and experiences to the table, as well as several hours of research, working with some of the best in the fields of natural health.
     Jessica Alba asks why anyone should have to choose between nontoxic, eco-friendly, and pure products, or affordability and style. That is why she got inspired to get informed, and start her own company, where healthy natural decisions didn't have to be boring anymore. Where natural and pure products didn't have to be expensive and lack performance.

     Jessica Alba talks about everything. It covers hygiene products, beauty products, cleaning products, food, hobbies, affordability of organic living, (or at times, the lack thereof) and so much more. She talks about key harmful agents in many household items, such as but not limited too, Formaldehyde, Mercury, Parabens, Petrochemicals, and Lead. Products that we use every day could be causing hormonal or even  minor nerve damage over long term exposure. She talks about where the chemicals are found, why they are bad, and how to work around them. There is even an easy to understand reference guide in the back of the book.

     The book is filled with many uplifting stories, tons of inspiration for beauty, fashion, dinner parties and hobbies. It has lots of natural recipes for product alternatives, plus some of her personal food recipes.

It truly is a fun read, a very informative read, and an inspiring read.

     There are even a few chapters for parents or expecting parents. However, you do not need to have children to get the benefit of this book, the majority of the information is based on a clean, healthy, day to day lifestyle. She was inspired to write, and start her journey during her pregnancy, but she primarily promotes keeping harmful things out of your life and bringing in safe effective alternatives.

     Jessica Alba "The Honest Life" is truly something that everyone needs to read. It’s an eye opener. However, there is no judgment in the book. She doesn't beat into the reader how 'horrible our current lifestyle is, and if you continue to use it you are a bad person'. Jessica simply shares her experiences, what she has learned, and how she avoids or works around these issues. She lays the information out for you to take it or leave it. Her true desires and passions are simply to get the information out there so everyone at least has the chance to be informed. PLUS, it’s written in a way that is extremely easy to understand. It's not over-saturated in science or medical terminology like other books I have read on similar subjects.

     This book is backed by her personal experiences and tons of research conducted by her and countless professionals in the specific fields. She didn't write a book on opinions, Jessica really did lots of research of the issues she talks about in the book and worked with many different specialists to make sure she is bringing you the most accurate and current information possible.

     I truly love and stand behind this book 100%. Please check is out. Again it’s called "The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True To You" by Jessica Alba. I have linked it several different times throughout this blog. I Love, and that is where I purchased mine, so that is where I linked all of you, However, I am not paid or endorsed to do so, but I love so many of their products, I hope you take a look around and find other inspiring works.

     Here is a link to Jessica Alba’s company website. She has started a company that sales and promotes, affordable, safe, CLEAN formula products for everyday living. They have sample packs, so you can try sets of multiple products, all you have to pay is shipping and handling. It is only ($5.95) which I highly suggest.

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Jessi Harm