Sunday, July 14, 2013

Your Body: Made of Cells!


     I wanted to write a short blog about something we talked about when I was still in school for nursing. We were speaking about the basic of the human bodies make up. Specifically, cells.

     We all know that our bodies are made up of billions of cells, and each cell has a life span. As cells die they are replaced with new ones, but sometimes they have deformities, which can lead to aging, wrinkles, and other changes in our bodies, including health changes. Well, our cells are created and thrive off of what we put in our body. Cells need vitamins, minerals, and hydration to thrive. If our bodies lack adequate nutrition, we can exasperate this process.

     It is no surprise, that people who have adequate exercise and good eating habits, look younger, healthier, and more vibrant. Your body is a vessel, and what we consume is our fuel. When people talk about benefits of eating healthy, they talk about how it makes your skin more clear, you feel better, etc, but no one ever says why you get those result. So now you know.

     So as a recap, you need high quality fuel, because you body is made up of cells that use what you put in your body to rejuvenate. Sometimes those cells have deformities. To keep aging and other changes at bay its important to make sure your body and cells are getting everything they need to produce a fine product.

Hope this helps, or offers perspective,
Jessi Harm