Saturday, December 29, 2012

Awesome Product, Reviews.

     One of my best and most favorite investments was my Women's Health Magazine. I love it. I actually extended my subscription out to 3 years because I am so crazy about everything it offers. The product reviews, articles, workouts, and recipes are all amazing. It really is the only magazine I recommend to everyone. It has everything, from beauty to health and fitness, to sex. There is even a version for men, Men's Health. For anyone who is looking for motivation, or a resource of current and modern health information, this is it. They keep up with the latest studies, and products. They answer reader questions and always have awesome celebrities on their covers, which lead to amazing interviews. I seriously recommend this to anyone. It's a wonderful asset. It's an easy read as well, not saturated in scientific terms or medical terminology. Its current information on health and fitness delivered in an easy to understand beautiful, colorful glossy layout. Check out Women's Health Mag. Purchasing a copy in stores is about 4.99$ but a year subscription is available at for 9.99$. It's really worth it.

     It was through Women's Health that I came across "Slim Calm Sexy Yoga" and accompanying DVD, which I reviewed a few blogs back.  I have also purchased and LOOOOOVE "Look Better Naked" and accompanying DVD, as well as "the Women's Health Big Book Of Exercises".

     On the physical level, all three books have colorful glossy pages, are hardcovers, and are thick. No 30 pages here. All are 250+.

     "Look Better Naked" is filled with motivating stories of women fitness struggles, worries when trying something new, or unusual preferences in their health and fitness lifestyle. It has a whole chapter on immediate changes you can do to look thinner and boost confidence. It has a 6 week+ workout and diet plan mapped out for you, as well and MANY useful tips and tricks. I just love it and read it over and over again. The recipes are yummy and the accompanying DVD is NO JOKE. It kicked my butt. Not cheesy, or boring in the least. It's informative in every aspect of a women's life. The pages are bright, glossy, colorful and easy to read. It really is just a beautiful product. I just love it.

     I love all of those and really do suggest your give them a try. They are all available at You can also find them through Women's Health website, and sometimes they have specials, where you can try for 30 days for free, etc. So check them out, if they are having a special then take advantage of it, I would be surprised if anyone didn't love them. They all make great assets to anyone's reading collection. I have been so satisfied with their products in the past, I already have my next purchase planned out. "The Big Book of Yoga".

     I hope this helps. Both websites mentioned above are wonderful and I really suggest you give them a chance. I was not paid to review these products, they are products I purchased myself and am relaying my opinion and experience with them to you all on my own.

I hope you enjoyed my product reviews,
let me know what you think in the comments below,

Jessi Harm

Sunday, December 16, 2012

You get what you give!

     This statement couldn't be truer in all aspect if life. In work, family, friends, and health. This is why you should never give it anything but your all. Push through any troubles you are having, knock down your fears and walls. You create your lifestyle and decide your fate. For example, Bikram Yoga burns 1000 calories approx a session, but that doesn't mean you show up, attempt the moves and leave 1000 calories less, you need to TRY or really DO the moves. When you are lifting weights or running you need to think of the goals and match the desire for the end result with power for doing to activity.

     Also never forget that when it comes to health, fitness, dieting or a generally active lifestyle, you need to want it for more than superficial reasons. Do it for you, your body and your mind. Only then will you really find the motivation and passion for sticking with it. It's a lifestyle not a seasonal change. You get what you put into it. Whether we are talking about doing the moves or making it a lifestyle that statement holds true. So give it all you have emotionally, physically and mentally. It will pay off.

Jessi Harm

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Collection of Beauty Tips and Tricks!

     So I have come across many different health and beauty tips over the years. I didn't start caring about hair, makeup, and nails until a few years ago and I am 24 now. Prob when I was nineteen or twenty I started getting curious and experimented with fashion and beauty. Even now at 24, I am still discovering my own style. (Most recently I have added red lips to my frequent regime.)

     Being undecided in my look I need unbiased and general beauty tips. It's taken years but I am going to share some of my favorite ones with you here. I hope you enjoy and please leave some of your own in the comments below.

     First and foremost LOTS OF WATER and PLENTY OF SLEEP! You don't have to restrict yourself to only water, but keeping a decent flow during the day helps flush toxins, clean out kidneys  and helps with bloating. When I drank more water and cut down on soda and other drinks my skin cleared up some and my skin wasn't as dry.
Being well rested helps with overall energy and metabolism levels, mood, eye bags, dark circles, digestive systems, stress levels, etc. Being well rested really affects your overall body, and you as a whole. Those two are the most important. If you lack any of these in your daily routine, changing this will have a HUGE impact. I really can't stress this enough.

Now on to the fun stuff. . .


-When applying lipstick, make sure you message a lip balm on the lips for a few seconds to increase the blood flow and moisturize. After that, if your lips are chapped or dry, take a toothbrush and massage the lips in a circular motion gently to remove any flakes. From there follow you regular lipstick application and it will be more even, softer, and last longer.

-In a Shape Magazine interview with Molly Sims, I read that she does a technique called dry brushing. It's a way to exfoliate the skin. Here is a link you a blog I found when looking up the interview, Dry Brushing Your Skin that explains in great understandable detail. Do this before a shower to help get smooth, even, healthier skin. Molly says "...It can hurt a bit at first but before I get in the shower, I use a loofah or brush to exfoliate. There's nothing better for getting your circulation going and helping with cellulite."

-EXPERIMENT! Most people have a set style. Unfortunately, most of us don't have the hair, makeup or outfit coordination skills seen in magazines and movies. We resort to the same hair or makeup, and always have a piece of clothing we fall back to. CHANGE IT UP! If you like wearing your hair up all the time, find simple different dos that are in your comfort zone but still a switch. Check out the Sock Bun, and its many variations. Also, check out my Pinterest Hair Board for other cute up-do style or funky hair ideas.

-When it comes to foundation, people tend to have one color all year round. The fact is, during seasons your skin will lighten or darker due to sun exposure etc, you should have a shade that matches and one a little darker. (ALWAYS MATCH YOUR FOUNDATION TO YOUR NECK or CHEST!!!)This allows you to keep consistent with your color fluctuations. It also can assist with contouring  and highlighting for more experienced makeup lovers. There is nothing tackier than seeing someone whose foundation is not blended and noticeably the wrong shade. Be conscience of this.

-When washing your hair, focus the shampoo at the roots mainly, and not the ends. This will help keep the ends from drying out and splitting, they will get shampoo as it washes down the stands, and then focus conditioner at the ends and avoid going to high toward the scalp. This will help keep your roots and scalp from getting oily.

-When painting your nails (resort to my prior blog) Use a base coat, at least two color coats and for longevity and protection use a fast acting top coat. It makes a huge difference. I suggest Essie products. I swear by them.

-There are so many awesome blogs and sites out there with DIY facial masks and peels, homemade soaps, lotions, and scrubs. These are wonderful especially because you make them yourself, you know exactly what's in them and it's so much cheaper than store bought. So look them up. There are numerous DIY beauty secrets out there, so dig them out. Here is a site for awesome DIY Facial Blackhead Peel, and that is just one of many.

This is just a short blog, but I hope it helps. These are unbiased to style.
I hope you enjoy and post you feedback below.


Here is a link to my Pinterest Boards That have DIY, fashion, and more.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Slim Calm Sexy Yoga

     I used to work in an understaffed nursing home as a Nursing Aide, and my body was constantly stiff. Now before I got the Job I loved to stretch, but since I got the job, oddly my flexibility decreased, and I found I needed to stretch more. I came home so stiff and sore sometimes it hurt to stand.

     Yoga had always appealed to me because it was strengthening, lengthening and stretching the muscles, so FINALLY I purchased this yoga book and DVD I had seen on called Slim Calm Sexy Yoga. It's an amazing buy, filled with beautiful glossy colored pages with detailed descriptions and instructions on each move, and some routines. It's just a beautiful product. The Accompanying DVD is amazing and wonderful as well.

     Even though I had always stretched before, yoga was different to me, some moves felt awkward and at times were more uncomfortable than anything. Well the more I did them the better they felt and the less awkward they became. Literally, every time I did a move or a routine I saw improvement. One move especially was the downward facing dog. At first it was too awkward to hold for a breath or two, I was sliding all over the place and my arms and legs were just wrong, but I just forced myself to hold as long as I I could until I reached the recommended time (five to ten breaths) and now my form is improving.

     Anyways, the point is, yoga is different but its great. Sometimes a little awkward at first but it's worth the perseverance. Yoga can by as intense or relaxing as you want. You can do a move or two to loosen up or a whole routine that works and stretches the entire body. There are yoga routines to help you sleep, help you wake up, to ease a headache, assist with orgasms and fertility, help with anxiety and metabolism. Whatever you need yoga to do, it can. So if you are looking for a switch or something to add to a preexisting fitness regimen, give it a try. You feel and see the accomplishments.

If you are unfamiliar with yoga check out Slim Calm Sexy Yoga by Tara Stiles. It's a great place to start I think. It can by found at

There's my two cents, I hope you enjoy,
Jessi Harm

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Perfect nails everytime!

I was getting so tired of painting my nails, and smearing them before they dried, them chipping by the next day, or them looking dull, and the paint not going on even. So I found some great and helpful links and I am going to show you how to make perfect nails every time!

First things first: 

BASE COAT: this made the biggest difference. This alone made a drastic improvement It helps the polish stay in place, it provides an even primed surface for the polish to go on and stick too.

NAIL POLISH: The base coat will help your polish stay, but another thing to consider is getting a decent polish. the 99 cent polishes really don't cut it. If you can, get a nice name brand polish, it makes a big difference. Don't have to spend a lot of money, but don't get the cheapest stuff you can find.

ALSO: make sure your nail polish isn't old or expired. Polish typically has a shelf life of 2 years or less. So it's important to keep up with it. Over time the bottle dries out, and colors separate making it undesirable to use when trying to achieve beautiful nails.

Make sure you have all your tools out and ready to discourage you from bumping or smearing before they dry. Also try to do your nails when you have a few minutes to sit down and spend time on them, as well as giving them time to dry.


-Base coat
-color polish
-nail clippers
-emery board/ nail file
-buffing pad (optional) 
-cuticle pusher/cuticle trimmer (optional)
-nail polish remover (to remove old polish and clean up after)
-cotton balls (optional, for removing old polish)
-Small paint or makeup brush (for clean up)

Step one: Set up your station, with your supplies in reach. Remove all leftover polish and wash your hands. Focus especially on your nails and cuticles to remove and particles, dirt and excess oils.

Step two: Push down and trim your cuticles if needed, then clip your nails to a desirable even length, file if necessary, and buff away any rough edges, and smooth down the surfaces. Wash and dry hands again if you want.

Step three: Apply your base coat. One layer should be okay, just make sure its even. Follow base coat and color applications shown in the picture below.

So the first link is to show you how to properly and evenly apply the polishes. Base and color. I usually do one coat on all fingers before I go back and start the second and third coat. Three coats are usually good.

The next link is how to clean up you nails after you get the polish done. Get yourself a very small paint or makeup brush, and dip it in remover and wipe around edges and any mistakes. 

Here is the link to her blog where she has a wonder manicure tutorial herself

Other tricks people have mentioned is putting a jelly or ointment around the edges of the nails so any polish won't dry on the skin and it is very easy to clean up after. I have also heard about putting tape around the edges also. Hope it helps.

I hope you enjoy these tips and tricks, and if you have any more please let me know.
Have a wonderful weekend, 
Jessi Harms