Saturday, December 29, 2012

Awesome Product, Reviews.

     One of my best and most favorite investments was my Women's Health Magazine. I love it. I actually extended my subscription out to 3 years because I am so crazy about everything it offers. The product reviews, articles, workouts, and recipes are all amazing. It really is the only magazine I recommend to everyone. It has everything, from beauty to health and fitness, to sex. There is even a version for men, Men's Health. For anyone who is looking for motivation, or a resource of current and modern health information, this is it. They keep up with the latest studies, and products. They answer reader questions and always have awesome celebrities on their covers, which lead to amazing interviews. I seriously recommend this to anyone. It's a wonderful asset. It's an easy read as well, not saturated in scientific terms or medical terminology. Its current information on health and fitness delivered in an easy to understand beautiful, colorful glossy layout. Check out Women's Health Mag. Purchasing a copy in stores is about 4.99$ but a year subscription is available at for 9.99$. It's really worth it.

     It was through Women's Health that I came across "Slim Calm Sexy Yoga" and accompanying DVD, which I reviewed a few blogs back.  I have also purchased and LOOOOOVE "Look Better Naked" and accompanying DVD, as well as "the Women's Health Big Book Of Exercises".

     On the physical level, all three books have colorful glossy pages, are hardcovers, and are thick. No 30 pages here. All are 250+.

     "Look Better Naked" is filled with motivating stories of women fitness struggles, worries when trying something new, or unusual preferences in their health and fitness lifestyle. It has a whole chapter on immediate changes you can do to look thinner and boost confidence. It has a 6 week+ workout and diet plan mapped out for you, as well and MANY useful tips and tricks. I just love it and read it over and over again. The recipes are yummy and the accompanying DVD is NO JOKE. It kicked my butt. Not cheesy, or boring in the least. It's informative in every aspect of a women's life. The pages are bright, glossy, colorful and easy to read. It really is just a beautiful product. I just love it.

     I love all of those and really do suggest your give them a try. They are all available at You can also find them through Women's Health website, and sometimes they have specials, where you can try for 30 days for free, etc. So check them out, if they are having a special then take advantage of it, I would be surprised if anyone didn't love them. They all make great assets to anyone's reading collection. I have been so satisfied with their products in the past, I already have my next purchase planned out. "The Big Book of Yoga".

     I hope this helps. Both websites mentioned above are wonderful and I really suggest you give them a chance. I was not paid to review these products, they are products I purchased myself and am relaying my opinion and experience with them to you all on my own.

I hope you enjoyed my product reviews,
let me know what you think in the comments below,

Jessi Harm

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